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About Us:

The Trails Club of South Africa (TCSA), established in March 1983 is a Cape Town based Hiking Club.

Since the Club's inception, it has grown from strength to strength.

Our Hiking Club offers a wide variety of hikes and trails for Members and Visitors.

We offer:
  • Saturday Afternoon Hikes (and special outings)
  • Sunday Hikes (usually a full day)
  • Week End Away Hikes (two to four days)
  • Longer Trails (as far as Drakensberg and Namibia)
  • Socials (as a special occasion or on weekends away)

Aims & Objectives
  1. To organise and carry out wilderness activities for members and visitors. The chief activity will be hiking along trails and footpaths, climbing peaks and 'kloofing'. This will be supplemented by such other complementary activities as the Committee may from time to time deem to be suitable.
  2. To promote conservation, both by word and deed, of our natural (indigenous) and historical environment, which will include the protection of indigenous flora, fauna, soil, water and buildings of historical significance, especially those in wilderness areas.
  3. To communicate with and support similar organisations such as The Mountain Club of South Africa, Wildlife Society, Botanical Society, Department of Environmental Affairs and so on.
  4. To promote the fitness and health of members through their participation in the Club's outdoor activities.
  5. To promote friendship and fellowship among members of the Club and others with an interest in wilderness and especially hiking activities.
  6. To act in a responsible fashion in the wilderness with an emphasis on safety of members, and to respect the land and property of the landowners on whose ground we hike.

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